Phoenix Phabulous Experience is an exciting civic engagement initiative, sharing the unique story of Phoenix through arts and culture, innovative storytelling, and captivating 3D technology.


Phoenix: Past, Present and Imagined Future

Phoenix is one of the largest and fastest growing cities in America.  The city has a rich history and pioneering spirit upon which the city was founded, and this can-do community attitude is alive today.  Phoenix Phabulous Experience is committed to helping Phoenix be the first city in the United States to tell its story using a combination of storytelling methods, including mural art and innovative 3D technology.

Through mural art and live storytelling, Phoenix Phabulous Experience aims to mix imagination and fun while telling the never-ending story of Phoenix past, present and future – in nine, distinct time periods, celebrating the city’s cultures, heritage, and civic engagement.

Tailored to its urban context and weaving in the history and vision of its residents, Phoenix Phabulous Experience provides visitors and residents with community storytelling and storyboarding… creating stronger connections to the life and people in Phoenix!

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