Phoenix Phabulous Experience is an exciting civic engagement initiative, sharing the unique story of Phoenix through arts, culture and innovative storytelling.

Phoenix is one of the largest and fastest growing cities in America.  The city has a rich history and pioneering spirit upon which the city was founded, and this can-do community attitude is alive today.  Phoenix Phabulous Experience is committed to helping Phoenix tell its story using a combination of storytelling methods, incorporating mural art and technology.


Phoenix: Past, Present and Imagined Future


Phoenix Phabulous Experience™ is a community-based organization dedicated to bringing people of many cultures, ages and experiences together to celebrate the past, present and imagined future of Phoenix, Arizona, USA.  

In 2013, Dr. Carol A. Poore, PH.D., MBA, founded Phabulous Experience™ to share the fascinating story of Phoenix. Combining placemaking with storytelling, Phoenix Phabulous features a collection of 16 large murals created by a diverse group of local artists.

Spawned by a public storytelling and research process examining Phoenix time periods, the indoor murals have traveled to more than 30 grand civic spaces in the Greater Phoenix. The installations feature in-person and virtual storytelling programs.

Phoenix Phabulous Experience™ encourages placemaking through civic awareness. We foster an appreciation of Phoenix-based arts, culture and history. We offer family-friendly storytelling programs spotlighting Phoenix time periods. 

We feature a diverse array of personal experiences and insights from those who have a Phoenix story to share. Storytelling videos are featured on this website, each posted in the relevant time period.

Every city and every society needs stories to fully appreciate and value the past,

to better understand the present,

and dream for the future.

Stories foster a greater sense of belonging and community trust.

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