The Murals & Artists

The Murals

The Phoenix Phabulous History Mural collection features nine time periods of Phoenix, each artistically represented in a collection of 16 indoor murals created by 16 talented local artists.

The Artists

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Annual Report 2014 (our first installation year) in Pictures

The Phoenix Phabulous History Murals permit visitors, residents, and students of all ages to discuss the past, present and imagined future of our city.  Scholars, artists, authors, and storytellers of all ages and backgrounds share presentations about time periods, special topics of interest, and stories that bring together the diverse cultures and communities of Phoenix.

Burton Barr Library

Phoenix Phabulous History Mural Artists:

Hugo Medina, Curator

Amanda Adkins

Darrin Armijo-Wardle

Anel Arriola

Angel Diaz

Jessica Eddings Correa

Aileen Frick

Anthony Galto

Marisa Hall Valdez

Damian Jim

Lauren Lee

Jim McCarty

Seth Payson

Michael Pruitt

Katharine Leigh Simpson

Lucretia Torva

Justin Queal

Collage of mural artists

News Release: Phoenix Phabulous History Mural at Phoenix Convention Center!