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Downtown Phoenix is transforming into an exciting, vibrant destination point and place to live, work, and enjoy.  Community leaders have long recognized that it takes a combination of large venues, small wonders, and niche items to create an exciting downtown.

Big projects in Phoenix during the 1980s provided the early jumpstart to create momentum for downtown revitalization.  These included major entertainment venues such as sports arenas, shopping malls, hotels, convention centers, and office high rises.

However, while big projects make a city, small projects make a community.

Today, “small wonders” are popping up in Downtown Phoenix, such as locally-owned restaurants, coffee houses, boutique shops, live performance venues, high-rise condos and apartments as well as lofts. These are adding personality and unique character to downtown Phoenix.

Phoenix Phabulous Experience™ was founded in 2013 as a mural and storytelling program, complementing both big and mall arts and culture spaces in Downtown Phoenix and nearby venues.

Our murals and programs have activated more than 20 grand civic spaces including galleries and historic venues.

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Visit museums featuring Phoenix history.

Rossen House Museum:   www.rossonhousemuseum.org/
Heard Museum: http://www.heard.org/
Arizona Historical Society: http://www.arizonahistoricalsociety.org/
Arizona Science Center (where some important Phoenix history artifacts are displayed): http://www.azscience.org/

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