Phoenix Phabulous Experience™ Mission Statement

Phoenix Phabulous Experience™ is a community-building and placemaking organization dedicated to bringing people and cultures together to celebrate the past, present and imagined future of their urban city.  Phoenix Phabulous Experience™ encourages civic engagement, family-friendly fun, and community collaboration through its productions, projects, and community dialogues.

Currently, Phoenix Phabulous Experience is focusing on the urban core of Phoenix – showcasing the sixth-largest city in the United States through innovative community storytelling, connecting arts, culture, bioscience, technology, economic development, community building, and personal insights from those who choose to live here.


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Every city and every society needs stories to fully appreciate and value the past, to better understand the present, and dream for the future.

Stories can foster a greater sense of belonging and community trust.

According to the most recent General Social Survey, only one third of Americans say that “most people can be trusted,” compared with half who felt that way 50 years ago.  Communities with high trust are places where people come together for common good, and this leads to economy prosperity and communities of well-being.

The stories we share about our city can help create understanding about our community at large and foster deeper appreciation for diverse cultures, traditions, and contributions.

Phoenix Phabulous Experience creates innovative community building and storytelling experiences that help engage visitors and residents through art, technology, and community-based dialogues focused on nine iconic time periods in Phoenix (including a vision for the future).  Recent projects include incubating the Phoenix Phabulous History Mural, a collection of indoor murals telling the story of Phoenix in nine time periods. We’re moving toward 3D storytelling programs partnered with our local arts community.

We invite you to get connected with the stories and community of Phoenix!

About 3D Projection Mapping

Phoenix Phabulous Experience incorporates innovative storytelling technology including 3D Projection Mapping.  Watch these sample videos.   Get ready for an incredible experience in Phoenix!

3-D projection as public art in Washington, D.C.:

History storytelling in 3D:

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