The Phoenix Phabulous Team

President, Owner + Executive Producer

With executive expertise in business, nonprofit and higher education institutions, Carol A. Poore, Ph.D. /MBA founded Phoenix Phabulous Experience in 2013 to launch a unique placemaking and storytelling program based on arts, culture and people of Phoenix, Arizona USA. Her doctoral research work has focused on how social capital — vital community networks — create healthy, vibrant communities and urban revitalization.

Carol has built a strong community coalition of Phoenix Phabulous Experience collaborators. 

Since 2013, the Phoenix History Mural collection has traveled to more than 30 grand civic spaces, bringing people together to tell the story of “us,” and enriching the urban experience in Downtown Phoenix.

Mural Project Curator

Hugo Medina served as project curator of the Phoenix History Mural program. He brought together 16 Phoenix mural artists who researched time periods. Each artist created a mural representing one of the nine major time periods of Phoenix history, including the imagined future.

Born in La Paz, Bolivia, Hugo immigrated to New York as a child, where his interest in art was fostered by his architect father. Hugo received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from C.W Post/ Long Island University in 1998 and his Master’s Degree in Education from University of Phoenix in 2006.

Hugo’s work as an artist is well-known in Phoenix. His experience includes leading projects internationally, as well as working with students and projects in higher education, K-12 education, and leading projects for community art organizations including the Scottsdale Art District, Scottsdale Center for the Arts, Arizona State University, Phoenix College, Nelson Fine Arts Center, and The Arcosanti Foundation.

Nine photos of community strategists for website Feb 23, 2014

Phoenix Phabulous is grateful for Volunteer Community Strategists

Dozens of Phoenix civic leaders, artists, and storytellers contributed ideas to support Phoenix Phabulous Experience’s focus on civic engagement and Phoenix placemaking through arts, culture, and storytelling experiences.  Our early advisors included (left to right from top row) Jim McPherson, Kimber Lanning, Frank Barrios. Middle row: Joseph Benesh and Arizona Congressman and former Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, Liz Mays and Mike Oleskow. Third row: Catrina Kahler, Dr. George Brooks, Jr., and Leslie Casanares-Lindo.

Community Collaborators

The following organizations have provided strategy and long-term program support.